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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Taichung park and surrounding areas

This morning I decided to go for a walk, as opposed to the running that I usually do. Instead of running inside the park (台中公園), I walked and I went sightseeing around the area where I live nearby. I took a few low quality pictures with my phone’s camera.

Here are the pictures:

Outside Taichung Park

Outside Taichung park (台中公園)

Goat Statue in Taichung Park

Goat Statue in Taichung Park (台中公園)

Taichung park's stairs

Just a random photo (台中公園)

Taichung park, house

The famous house in the middle of the lake! (台中公園)

Horrible buildings outside Taichung Park

These are horrible looking apartments just outside of Taichung Park. They really look awful with their windows covered with metal & with walls which haven’t been washed in decades. (台中公園)

Taichung library

This is Taichung library, or at least it used to be. They moved to another location, so this building is currently not being used. (台中公園)

A guy exercising in Taichung park

A man exercising. I saw him hitting himself on the head repeatedly, quite a strange way to exercise. (台中公園)

Cheap gym in Taichung

I found an extremely cheap gym in Taichung, well, if it’s true. According to the sign it says pay $4,000NT for one year. Which is around £83 or $136USD. If it’s true, I might just sign up!


This is YiZhongJie (一中街), of course in the mornings the place is deserted, however as soon as the afternoon comes the place soon lights up and is literally crowded with people.

This is ZhongYouBaiHuo (中友百貨), a large shopping mall/centre nearby to where I live! I sometimes go there to purchase coffee, frappachinos etc from Starbucks.
World Gym in Taichung

This is World Gym Taichung. This is a little more pricier than the previous gym I showed. However, it’s much more pricier for a reason. If memory serves me correct, it costs like $2,200NT per month on a 12 month contract. Month by month it’s like double that price. If I could afford it, I would, but frankly speaking I’d rather pay $4,000NT for an entire year for a less established place and yeah, the other place is not as attractive, but it’s a gym, not a house. Not sure what point I’m trying to make, but I try to avoid expensive places, lol.

Breakfast in Taichung

Oh, and here’s what I had for breakfast!

That’s all for now. I’ll try and take more interesting pictures next time, and I’ll be travelling to South Korea this month on the 29th, so hopefully I’ll get some interesting pictures up. I’ll also be uploading higher quality pictures of my trip in Seoul, Korea to my photography website, so be sure to check that out. 🙂

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