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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Pictures of Taipei 101

Today I went to Taipei to sort out a few issues that have arisen since I became Taiwanese. I took a few photos here and there. It would not have been right to have gone to Taipei with my camera and not taken any pictures of the famous Taipei 101. So here they are. I went inside however unfortunately there were too many people queuing up to go to the top to observe Taipei from the tallest building in Taiwan.



I have uploaded many of my shots onto Picasa, since they make it so bloody easy to upload pictures to the internet. The only unfortunate thing is that they don’t offer much webspace! However it only costs $5 per year for extra webspace, which isn’t a great deal of money at-all. Plus their service appears to actually be worth it. Oh and here is the link:

Over 60 pictures of Taipei 101

 .It was a fun day out and it is the first time I have been to Taipei! 😀

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