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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Trip to Dounan/Douliu

Today, I went to Dounan/斗南 to get my teeth checked at a dentist there. It’s quite a distance away from Taichung, as apparently that dentist in Dounan/斗南 is one of the best in middle-Taiwan. Plus, I have a friend who works there and she recommends me to go there and it’s a great away to practice with my Chinese speaking abilities. Anyways, in Dounan/斗南  there is essentially nothing. The place is tiny and they literally only have one main road where they sell stuff, every other place is just people’s homes. So instead, I went to Douliu/斗六 which is close by and north of  Dounan/斗南.

I bought some products for my skin in Douliu/斗六 as my skin is quite bad since the temperatures in Taichung/Taiwan has been and is still very high causing my skin to dry up, which is causing me to have a break-out of acne; a week before I go to South Korea to see my girlfriend. So, as an attempt to improve the health of my face’s skin I bought an expensive product which cost me $700NT, which is around $24USD or £14GBP. I don’t usually buy cosmetic products, so for me, that is expensive, also the day before I bought other cosmetics (COSTmetics) products which in total brings the cost of cosmetic product buying to $2000NT in two days.

Here are a few pics I took on my small trip to these places:

Going to Dounan

This a picture I took inside the train on the way to Dounan. Dounan and Douliu are considered countryside towns, and are quite small, however they do have the all Taiwanese night markets; even though they are small places.


Long bridge in Taiwan

A really long bridge which stretches across a dried out river, only the small river at the bottom of the pictures seems to be active. However the larger part kind of looks like a gauge, however all the water seems to have disappeared.




Dounan Train Station / 斗南火車站. I took this picture outside Dounan Station.

斗南火車站 Event

Outside the station there was some sort of event where youngsters were dancing on a stage.

斗南火車站 Outside Event

Outside 斗南火車站. The said dancers, dancing on said stage. The girls were … not bad. 😛


On my way to Douliu. Could this be Mars after it has been terraformed?


Arrived in Douliu/斗六! Then I went around shopping and looking at things! Not really an interesting place, and I only stayed there for an hour.

Taxis everywhere!

Taxis everywhere outside the station in Douliu/斗六!


Outside Douliu Train Station/斗六火車站. A somewhat long of shops, selling perfume, cosmetics, clothes, drinks, food and whatever. lol

Long road

This is the said “somewhat long road”!


I bought this moisturizer for my skin while conversing in Chinese. Luckily the girl I was speaking to could speak English so if she didn’t understand I was able to tell her what I actually meant. Hopefully this does something to improve my bad skin situation.


  1. You should have gown done the old street in Douliu.

    • Hi Teresa,

      I did! 🙂 I’m now living in London! I do miss Taiwan… a bit!

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