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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Another design update

I’ve changed the design, yet again, as I wasn’t happy with the previous design.

The real reason I changed designs was due to the bad SEO that the other design had and it seemed that it was over-bloated more than anything without giving any real reward in terms of search engine optimization. It’s definitely a nice design and everything, but the SEO aspect fails in that regard. The new design on the other hand has many more options to feature articles that are hidden from the front-page, thus any hidden articles are also shown on the front-page and receive more attention thus will rank higher in search engine results.

Photography website update

I have also updated my photography website; although, that still need working on. I’m almost finished in completing it, but I’m quite sad with the result that I’m getting as the theme I am using wasn’t not built with photography in-mind. It’s hard to say, but the previous design that I was using is specifically for photography-type websites. Unfortunately, this web design is not. I’m pondering on whether to switch back or not. I think I’ll be able to tweak it and work with it to make things work! Either way, please visit this part of the site! – I’ve tried my best to make it look similar to my blog.

Jonathan Jones is an avid blogger, and a friendly guy! He also likes to type in third person because it makes it seem like there is more than one person running this site, thus concluding that he would in the future like to be a businessman.

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