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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "


OK so I did the test today, I'm anticipating the results of that test tomorrow.


But I'm scared I'll get a lower mark than I expected and I'll lose all will-power for Chinese. I mean I studied for 14 hours straight in one day on two separate days.  Additionally the days previous to that, I studied long hours as well. I have been working my butt off with this Chinese. I kind of can see the improvements in myself and my knowledge of Chinese, but if I don't see that through this freaking test, then there is obviously something wrong with me mentally. XD!


I'm just very nervous. At the moment, I need to study two freaking dialogues, one of which is not so bad however the other is extensive as I explained in the post below this. It is essentially an entire 3 minute conversation. I mean I can read all of it, no problem, the problem comes with memorizing the entire transcript without looking at the book. I don't think I can do that with English let alone Chinese haha.


Kidding aside, I have a bad memory, trying to remember an entire conversation in another language I'm not that astute with is like asking me to remember which order I put my clothes into my bag when I left England for Taiwan. (Yeah it is that bad!) 😛



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