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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

God does not exist

The best argument for an atheist when he makes the following statement:


"God doesn't exist."

… and a religious person replies:


"Can you prove he doesn't exist?"


You say:

The onus is not on me to prove whether he exists or not. It is you that has to provide the evidence for the existence for such entity since you claim it exists. I do not claim it exists, I purely dismiss having any knowledge of claimed higher being in the case of a human-made idea of such an entity. I merely state the fact that it doesn't exist on the same basis a wooden donkey isn't floating around in space right now talking to other aliens. 


If I say there is a military type-war taking place in Switzerland, I made the claim, so I have to prove that. If no news agencies are reporting that or if no one is talking about it, then no one is going to believe me, right? But because there are so many religious people around, people will believe religion, supported by the fact that there are so many others that also believe that religion. However the Muslim religion is the largest in the world, yet if you were brought up in a Christian country, you aren't likely to become Muslim though very likely to become Christian. That is how the religions we see today have grown to what they have now become.


Yet, if I said, "There isn't a war taking place in Switzerland", that is more believable. It is more logical and considering the news haven't reported of the war taking place or there aren't others talking about it, It is totally more believable. My point is that it can actually work both ways. So while the majority of the worlds population supposedly believe in a higher deity or "God", just because the majority claim it to be true, doesn't mean it is. But this all turns to one point, if you have evidence that there is a war taking place and that you have evidence of such a thing taking place (Citing sources that the evidence is totally credible), then it is more believable. However religion relies on one thing only and that is a huge amount of faith and belief in something which equates to the same as believing a 't-shirt' created everything. Arguments set out by those who debate atheists, sound totally outlandish to those who do not believe. 


However by the same token, because of how rapidly religion has grown through the past, through hate, love, the joining together of a group and the teaching of younger people who then spread that teaching to their children and so forth, religion has grown excessively with people believing mindlessly. – They haven't been taught anything else and to believe otherwise would be totally absurd in their minds. I can understand this considering I had the same upbringing. Though if you know me, I had a 6 month gap period where I stepped away from all that and looked at it more objectively. Otherwise I would probably be praising good old  'Jesus' right now. 


Although I wish for there to be an after life or heaven where I'll be able to see those who died and make new friends, it doesn't make it real. I really wish I could have more evidence, my life would be more endearing knowing that there is something out there waiting for me. But I cannot believe in something which cannot be proven. I stick to my principals on this issue as I know others can easily be influenced by fear of dying and going to hell by not believing. 


I can offer a story of when I was younger. — I went to a Christian school and at the moment of my last year at the school, I was the only person in my class who was atheist or I just didn't believe. I don't like to label myself as agnostic considering that I don't agree with the term. Although I cannot prove the existence of 'God', doesn't mean I have to. I just don't believe that such an entity exists. I was very open about this and I asked my R.E. teacher where I would go to after I'd die considering I didn't believe in God. He replied with "Hell". That is what I don't like about religion. Now if there were no such thing as hell, I wouldn't mind religion so much, but because it induces fear in the sense "You don't believe? Well guess what, you are going to Hell!"


That makes more people want to become part of some religion just so they "might" be right. For me, I stuck to my principles in this case, something like that wouldn't deter me. Unless of course 'God' indeed touch me like so many people say, I would probably have the same belief, however 'God' has never touched me throughout the years I was exposed to Christiniaty at a young age and up until I was a teenager. I am sure if 'God' as those who claim him to be almighty and all-powerful; if he did indeed touch me, I would be Christian right now. Therefore I cannot relate to those who say "'God' touched me". I wouldn't call them a liar, but at times 'misguided', 'confused' or any other amount of reasons that one could come up with fit perfectly. 


Purely atheist to me means: I don't believe that God exists. Simple. Just in the same way, I don't believe that father Christmas exists or the tooth fairy.


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