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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Interesting day today…

I had quite an interesting day today.


Laura (My good friend) organised a cinema trip to a place called Mitsukoshi, where we watched Johnny English: Reborn. The film was extremely funny. She invited a person who studies a degree in economics, that we met in the gym and who we talked to for a while. He invited his friends who were also doing the same course, which consisted of another 2 men and 2 women. I kind of think they were trying to set me up or set one of the girls up with me. – Since they insisted I sit next to her. She was cute, but it was kind of weird! 😛


As from my last post, I stated I took Ritalin and my god that drug is powerful. I felt the rush in me after around an hour and I had no care in the world. It felt good. I won't become addicted since I am smarter than that, but I think this drug will help me focus when I need to take it. – It will also get me more involved in class as it has kind of sprouted up my confidence which I kind of lost.


Continuing on about today, after the film we watched, went to a nice small night market which seemed to be more organised than that of other night markets I've been to. In fact it seemed like a regular styled market you would see in the UK, except more fun. – Though the goods that they were selling or the goods you could win, weren't any good. But it was good fun. We played a few games at this night market and there was this hoop throwing game, where you had to throw these hoops on top of these bottles to win these drinks. I managed to get around 4 or 5 hoops around these bottles. – I was kind of surprised and was very lucky to have even got one hoop over the bottles. But it was fun and I met some new Taiwanese people! I was kind of feeling down all week and hopeless, but now I think things have changed for the better. However I doubt I can hold these feelings.

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