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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

It’s not that I hate Chinese, it is the fact I hate failure.

I am well known to my friends at them thinking I hate the Chinese Mandarin language. I do not in-fact hate the language, in its own sinister way I enjoy learning the language.


The sole reason I am saddened with this language is because I fail at it majorly. Even the most simple questions, while under pressure, I was thinking too much and in the end I forgot everything I learned. Just the simple questions.


Sometimes I am embarrassed to say I am Taiwanese as well as British considering the fact that my Chinese sucks while foreigners (Even though I should be classified as a foreigner) are much better than me at the language. – I pretty much am a fine definition of a foreigner if anyone didn't know I had Taiwanese citizenship. The only thing going for me is that I never learned Chinese and this is literally the first time I can remember coming to Taiwan.


Although considering the fact that I am Taiwanese, by default everyone assumes I should have some sort of advantage. Those bastards are damn right though! I do have an advantage! I have so many Taiwanese relatives in this country it is unconscionable why I can't speak Chinese. Now obviously having Taiwanese relatives doesn't automatically mean you can speak Chinese. But that should factor into giving you a motive to learn the language faster. I have the motive but I don't have the god damn means!


Of course I have the means, but to be honest I am learning much slower than everyone else. That is what is dragging my motives into a downward ditch as if an aeroplane was smacking straight into the ocean at 5mph's (Though likely not possible) while still being at 5,000 ft. Although the aeroplane is going slow, it still has time to turn around get all four engines back up and running and right itself into the right course at Taipei International airport. (OK perhaps I took that analogy too far…) – Though that is similar to how I am feeling right now.


Perhaps I can right myself. But it is going to take time, however time will catch up with that falling aeroplane if no one does anything about it. It won't have that much time in the end and could reach the ocean if no one is working on getting any of the engines back up again.


So in short: I need to turn my engine back on for Chinese. Or as they would say in Chinese: ??


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