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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Losing weight even though I’m not exercising as much…

Even though I said in my 2 recent posts I was eating food at Burger King (Twice in a row) I am somehow losing weight even though I'm not going to the gym anymore. When I did go to the gym I was doing some very intensive exercises such as running (At a very fast pace for around 20 minutes) then I would switch to my abs and my arms then do another 20 minutes of running. – Or I would do that in different order of personal preference.


But now I'm usually just sitting down and studying. Though I will admit I walk usually throughout the day so that does help quite a bit. My abs are becoming more defined and I'm getting comments with people saying I'm looking a lot slimmer. Although I am not fat I am trying to build up some muscle right now. I guess the intensive running isn't helping me do that, rather I am likely losing a bit of muscle on the side. Today I played football with a few friends. But before I played, I ran around the running track twelve times at a nice pace. (Faster than most people were running) Then of course I played football for around 2 hours so that is really going to burn some calories. (I will also admit I didn't eat too much today)


But I have come a long, long way. I have lost quite a bit of weight and I will likely reach my target weight (This is my second target weight) easily this month. I'm taking up swimming now considering my body looks much more toned (So I won't be so ashamed showing it to others) and I can see the six-pack coming! (i.e. I can see the outlines haha) But I really need to tan up the rest of my body considering my face is tanned, but my body is white haha, so there is a vast colour difference.


As for the Chinese, it is coming along, but I believe I will have to retake the same level of Chinese I am currently taking. I have a language partner tomorrow who is going to help me; hopefully. However I feel kind of ashamed having to re-take the same classes again at that level. I mean I have studied quite a bit, perhaps only or mostly on the characters (Which in itself is a challenge). The only comfort I have is that there are others I know who also face similar issues. I mean I know a person who has been studying Chinese for 5 years and she is only one level above me. I would definitely progress beyond that. I also know a Korean guy who stayed on the same level as mine 3 times (He retook the same level 3 times). – So that definitely comforts me, thinking that I am not the only one in that situation. But I have a feeling that all my classmates will pass onto the level 2. It will make it kind of weird seeing them. I guess I am afraid of people looking down me to be honest, that is my one fear and my problem. (It deters me in wanting to learn Chinese as I don't want to be so vocal about something  I am unsure of)


But hey, not all things are bad. In time I will conquer this language. I just hope it won't be such a long time for me to get it or get the so-called "click" I have been hearing about when learning this language.

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