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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Moving to a new apartment

Mostly in Taiwan everyone lives in an apartment. Unless you are rich or you have a big family you’ll buy a house if you can afford a mortgage. However in Taiwan if you are going to rent a place, it should really be an apartment if you are on a low budget. When in the UK I lived in a nice spacious house in comparison to the place I’m living in right now in Taiwan. Currently I am dissatisfied with the apartment I am living in. It is tiny and not very nice.

I planned this around a month ago and found the place and I am moving in tomorrow morning. I just have to get the internet moved over there and get my whole life sorted out over there along with my family who live in Taiwan with me. I’m just glad I’ll be living in an apartment where I can at least have a little freedom. As currently, I can’t really put anything anywhere as I’m living with other people I haven’t known for a long time and the apartment I’m in now is so small; there are not many places I can put things.

Whatever the case, things are looking up for me at the moment. But my life isn’t what I suspected it to be. Though those wise men would say in those films “it usually never is what you suspected it to be” or whatever. 😉

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