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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Need more focus

I find when I'm in the library I am not actually really studying. I need to break out of this cycle of just chilling out in the library and only doing "some" studying of Chinese-mandarin. I guess my interest in Chinese was at an up around 2 weeks ago, until I got my test result this week on Monday. Let's just say, I didn't do well. – I studied my guts off yet I ended up with a grade which I didn't expect. I'm still trying. I haven't given up yet. I know I just need to study and focus more if I want to improve and get better. I don't want to have to repeat the same level of Chinese, I want to move on to the more difficult stuff. But I need to put the time, effort and concentration/focus in order to achieve that.


I just find it hard separating the adverbs and verbs, even though it is very simple. I just need to know more on the meanings of certain characters. But I have a test coming up this Tuesday.  I will have from today to Monday to study hard, since on Tuesday, I don't have class as it will be Taiwan's birthday or something or the other.



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