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Real Steel is awesome!

The film ‘Real Steel’ is a Hollywood film however a pretty good one for what my opinion is worth to anyone.


Having just watched it with a friend, I am glad to say that we both enjoyed it.


If they make a sequel to the film, I would definitely go and watch it. I’m very interested in these types of films.


I’ve also been eyeing up another film called “In Time”, although I didn’t enjoy Justin Timberlake’s performance in “Friends with Benefits”, “In Time” seems to be more science fiction as opposed to romance which is essentially what “Friends with Benefits” is.


Back to Real Steel, essentially the film is set in the future where instead of people boxing you have robots boxing each other out inside a ring. These robots are manually controlled however there are robots that are also automated and can do their own boxing moves to counter-act their opponents. What occurs is that this American guy was once a boxer himself however switched to boxing with robots instead as time moved on… I guess. He loses most of his battles and always ends up at square one. (i.e. no money and having large debts making huge bets on him winning his own games)


However he in fact has a kid who’s mother dies and he has to decide whether he takes custody however makes a back-door deal as the kids auntie wants to take custody arguing that the father is not fit to be a father. Though the auntie’s husband is quite rich and the father bargains a deal worth $100,000 to hand over custody of the kid to the auntie. Though the kid appears to be very smart (and cute according to my friend :P) and sees this back door deal being made however has no choice but to go through with it.


The kid then helps the father come back as a champion however at first the father loses a few boxing matches and again ends up at square one. Then the kid finds a robot in a scrap yard and manages to somehow fix it with the help of the fathers girlfriend! They manage to rise to fame with what was called a ‘heap of junk’ and they match up against the best robot in the robot fighting league!


But do they win or does their robot become mince meat?

I won’t give away the entire story! But it was definitely worth the watch!




p.s. I hate the WordPress editor! Had to manually include “  ” tags.

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  1. hahaha nice introduction of the film!  yeahh if they have sequel, i’ll definitely go watching it as well! my heart is shouting and also touched during the last scene… ohhhhmmm (melted) 😀  

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