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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

So how did that amazing job interview go?

It turns out I was just pleasing the wife's husbands bosses 12 year old son which was kind of boring. I made friends with him for sure, but I wasn't looking to make friends with a 12 year old but to get a job. To my surprise she took me to an Italian restaurant then to a Hong Kong style restaurant. I tried discussing her husbands business or her business (A joint business between them) but that never really got anywhere.


I don't think I was going for an interview but just to make friends with their son(s). Their other 19 year old son seemed pretty cool. But purely he just seemed to be the guy living the life since he has a well-off family. I mean he seemed like a nice guy and everything, but from the looks of it, he had no actual worries or no financial problems. I won't dishonor him by saying bad things about him, as he genuinely seemed like a pretty cool 19 year old. I guess I am more grown up, I feel that I am 25 or something even though I wish I could feel my own age. He liked to go out clubbing and stuff like that. I don't mind that too, but just moderately.


So I never had an interview. At the end of the day she came back to my parents apartment. I think I stayed with her son for over 10 hours. We played on their Nintendo Cube. We played some really graphically outdated games in comparison to what I am used to. But whatever the case, I think I had a spark of fun. But I kind of got a headache over the whole situation. I was expected and anticipating a job interview. The thing is I don't have any actual real skills. I wouldn't mind being a secretary as I can touch type and I am competent with computers. But where I fault is if  they ask if I can help with the programming of software. I didn't quite get into all that even though I would have liked to.


So she came round my parents apartment with myself and her younger son, and my mother had a discussion about the so called job. Apparently it is happening tomorrow now since the husband who is the boss just came back from Japan. So now I have to be nervous again for the second time. Luckily I have my mother with me. But really I have no real specialist skill other than touch typing and being competent with computers like I said. Hell — this kind of makes me feel rather useless.


Whatever the case, I will go in with this job and see how it goes. According to my mother I am guaranteed a job. My exit strategy if things go wrong is to just become a Taiwanese citizen through my mother then join the army for 12 months with the required military conscription and see how that goes. Obviously I would rather this job if it is good pay, to which I don't know yet. But I would kind of like to join the army. I exercise every single day now and I think the army would help me get much more fit and would help me cut down to the right shape and toned figure.


Peace out.

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