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Taiwan internet

If it already isn’t obvious that I’ve moved to Taiwan (Cite: Touch down)… well, the decrease of articles is an indication there lack of articles being submitted in this dear blog of mine. It is mainly to do with the connection speeds in Taiwan or more so, what I was offered and pushed into getting.

I went into the purchase “office” of where you sign up for an internet connection and they offered me various packages of all sizes and they incessantly offered me the cheapest and crappiest internet service I have experienced since I had dial up 50k internet. The internet speeds are so poor (ADSL) that I cannot view YouTube unless in 240p quality, which by the way is the lowest viewing quality, however loading pages also isn’t exactly too fast either. Sure I’m half way across the world though friends I have in this country have lightening speed broadband. I kept saying to the person I was dealing with that I create and upload websites to the internet. Yet the son of bitch kept offering me this 512kb ADSL broadband, citing that  it was adequate for my needs. After reviewing the connection speeds, I promptly phoned them saying I  needed faster internet and went with their highest package, the 20mb / 2mb package. Which is a huge step up from the internet I’m currently getting. I get the idea the guy was trying to save me money, but for gods sakes, when someone is insisting that they want to take a much more expensive package; as a salesman you give him that package; especially when explained it is needed. Solely because of this man, it has taken me 40 minutes to get all the information on this specific article on this blog with pictures and speed tests findings.

I haven’t been able to update my other websites with new articles since I cannot find it in myself to use internet which is going to annoy me to no end. By this Thursday, I should be getting this faster broadband, which I hope is much, much faster; since it is quite expensive. Just to anyone who purchases internet in Taiwan or perhaps any country, sure you can try the lowest package, however if you need the internet for webmaster related tasks, 512kb won’t cut it, especially since you aren’t going to always get the highest speed offered. (*512kb) Just go for the next package up. I purchased the 20mb broadband since I needed it for viewing videos online and since I download a lot of music.

Back to learning Chinese…

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