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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

The day is good

Although my Chinese is still suffering, I'm coming to the conclusion it doesn't matter anymore. I can study Chinese for a pretty long time, so there isn't any rush in learning the language. Although I would love to excel in learning Chinese however that just might not be a possibility. I mean I can remember the characters but piecing them together so grammar-wise they are correct is a whole different story. I definitely need to work on improving my Chinese grammar, that is an area I need to work on badly if I want to pass this mid-term exam I have tomorrow morning. (It is speaking and listening … while also testing my writing abilities and my ability to move around sentences into a more organised way)


I will admit I could have committed suicide just finishing my Chinese class,- as I really didn't understand nor did I really learn anything new in class other than new vocabulary. But I really can do that myself in a more efficient manner.


However a girl called Yan Lin helped me today and she explained what I had to do etc. I am so gracious for the help she gave me and plus I had a good conversation with her friends as well as herself. So it was win-win, although I still think I'll forget everything I learned when I get into class tomorrow morning. But I am thankful as she helped me memorize this dialogue, even though it took 15 times to remember it without looking at the book. We kind of got there in the end. I also fancy her so that really didn't help as inside I was so nervous, but I tried not to show it! xD


Anyway's all is good for now. The question is… will tomorrow be as good? I would be a little devastated if I could at least get above 70% on my test tomorrow. I would be. But I have studied extremely hard in memorizing the characters and I spent two hours or so with Ya Lin, so I would have hoped I actually learned something from that. (Well I hope so… as I can only hope)


After my meeting with Yan Lin, I then went off to the library to study a little more and wrote all the questions that were in Chinese and then answered them. Actually I had to reconfigure the sentences as was written on the sheet.. just like a reconfiguration of the grammar structure. It is a little confusing to be honest for me at the moment. I don't know what the test will be like or what, but I hope it won't be as hard as my practice papers. (Which in the past have been harder than the actual tests)


Then after the library I went to a friends birthday party! That was pretty cool. We ate pizza and I talked to quite a few people! Talking is always great, even if a little unproductive, but hey at least you learn more about other people!


… now it is time to study.

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