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Transferring to different servers headache

Usually transferrals of my websites are easy and don’t involve many problems. However my main website is currently down and I’ve asked my host for assistants in fixing the issue as I’ve got a headache over it all. I’m still with the same host, I just wanted to be transferred to a faster server and now we are rocking on an 8 core server which I have seen notably faster response times on the website and in cPanel/WHM. The problem is that my main site is down (Webmasterspace) and I believe it is to do with DNS configuration. Though I’ve noticed that WHM is using some random IP address that I wasn’t assigned by my host or at least I wasn’t informed about. Thus when I changed my registered IP address for my nameservers, my websites DNS is not recognizing the change in WHM. – This is my theory, so whether I’m correct or not, I don’t know.



This is not the only problem. When I view my site via IP address, there is a PHP error when viewing the site. This will be a problem seeing as I don’t want PHP errors; thank you very much. 🙂 So hopefully I can get my web host to re-transfer everything over from the old server again to the new one so that there won’t be any further trouble if the first transfer went wrong. Or if it is just the server settings, hopefully they can identify the issue. I’m not one to need support on a regular basis and this is probably the first time in months I have needed to submit a ticket; hopefully they can resolve this issue before I start tearing my hair out. 🙂


Though on the positive side of things the comments system has started working again since the transfer and at least I am not tearing my hair out over that one.

Update – Stress free


I am officially stress free at the moment. All my websites are transferred over to a more powerful and less utilized server while my wordpress comments system is now actually working. It seems it was a server problem or configuration which was stopping my wordpress blog from enabling comments. Which is quite odd thinking about it. But I am just glad it is fixed and I’m glad I’m on this faster server, which hopefully I won’t receive any hiccups along the road in the future. I have to give a shout out to my web host though for the great support. They supported and fixed whatever issue came along the way; which they have now made me a happy customer. – That is how you earn a customers respect! – By going beyond the call of their duties to help a customer out. Even though they gave me the wrong IP address to point my nameserver to and they configured my WHM IP incorrectly. Though I won’t blame them for that, hiccups do happen and it is nothing to get pissed at a host about.

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