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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Very funny situation today… well kind of.

So I was walking to the place where I was going to be playing football. However before you get to that area, you have to pass this tennis court. There were like 5 girls sitting on this bench and they turned around when I passed them. I heard them say "ta hen suai" (I don't know pinyin, I studied bopomofo), which means he is handsome or good looking. They stared at me as I walked pass them. I didn't say anything, but acknowledged they were looking at me. 😮 I was literally just 3 feet from them and was just separated by the fencing  from them.


I mean I am a humble person if I am honest, but this really boosted my ego, if I had one in the first place at-all. (I don't have much of an ego to be honest) I still don't get why people call me handsome, I mean in some pictures I kind of look OK, but not handsome, but I have had comments of people saying I could be a model. I literally don't think that, though I probably have the lowest self-confidence I have seen in my life-time. (Although I am damn certain that there are people with lower confidence than that of myself)


I'll be honest I consider myself average looking and sometimes ugly, so when people say I look handsome I am somewhat baffled by this. I ponder at the fact that others can find me … good looking. Perhaps it is the idea that I am foreign which is attractive? I don't know lol!!



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