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WikiLeaks go!

As an avid supporter of WikiLeaks and the leaking of information which the government intends to hide, I have been following the recent release of 250,000 or so leaks from U.S. Embassy cables. People will argue sometimes that the leaks are insignificant, if they are so insignificant then why is there all this hype secretly behind government doors suggesting the closure of the site and its organization. Senators have even called for the execution of Julian Assange the said founder of the organization itself. So if the leaks are insignificant, why call for the killing of the person leaking the information.

I mean lets look at the facts here and lets look at what WikiLeaks is. It is a website which leaks information given to them. Remind you of something? How about newspapers or news corporations who die to get their hands on leaks such as these. I don’t think any government in the Western world let alone the United Kingdom (Where I’m from) has the right to stop the disclosure of this information, as we live in what is called a democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to do whatever the fickle sticks you want.  Or do we pay the price, that we live in a society where things are censored because our governments don’t want information released prior to release. If that is the case, tighten up on data security. The guy who leaked this information should not have been able to download the information. 250,000 documents is a lot, it is logical to think that it would have taken a long time to download all that. Where were the security measures to stop that. Perhaps to a degree there should be things that governments need to hide for national security, however what falls under that umbrella are things they shouldn’t hide, though which are because of the initiatives in place which allow them to hide things which they don’t want in public viewing. Yes, it can be abused, and just as we see in these leaks is information that should not be under the umbrella of “Classified” or “Top secret”. They could do the same with tax payer dollars, class it under some classified document which no one can view unless authorised and say that the money was spent for something top secret, such as building a nuclear bomb to destroy Chicago or something ridiculous like that.  The point is whether you can trust politicians, because one way or another you’ll always get a bad set of grapes in the bunch, who will try to distort, lie and cheat.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was the accusations against Julian Assange, with Swedish authorities accusing, then retracting, then going back their original assessment in trying to get Julian Assange arrested & perhaps tried over a sex charge. Doesn’t it seem weird that at the time of the release of these documents, he is being accused of these charges while also being hunted by interpol for the same charges. Though the charges by these authorities not being enough for British authorities to arrest Julian Assange, seeing as these assertions hold no bearing? I mean Interpol is ridiculously placing Julian Assange on its top wanted for sex crimes which doesn’t contain enough evidence for his actual arrest in countries such as the United Kingdom where he staying. They placed him on the top wanted… that in itself is absurd. Top wanted people should be reserved for people like murderers, killers, mass murderers, rapists (Of which Julian hasn’t been convicted of) or anything like that. It just comes strange to me that this revelation is released for his arrest when the U.S. embassy cables have been released. Seems way, way to convenient for me and I’m not an avid believer in conspiracies.

Man. I don’t know what is going on in this world right now. But it is pretty damn crazy.

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