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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

I want to learn the piano

When I was a kid I was quite stubborn. I thought I was going to be some sort of athlete until I broke my leg in 2005 or was it 2006? The thing is I didn’t want to learn at school, I just wanted to practice running and keeping my stamina up especially when playing games like “it” on the playground. The only real subject I liked at school was history, I liked World War 2 and used to watch the history channel all the time. At the moment right now I’m still very interested in history. Although I’ve passed by World War 2 and probably won’t watch a program on the history channel if I can help it. (As I’ve probably seen all of them) – I actually like Chinese history with the Dynasties, emperors, kings and warlords. Enough about history.

So I was quite a stubborn kid. I wanted to learn how to play the guitar but it really wasn’t my thing, I tried the flute and I liked it. But the one thing I have always wanted to play is the piano. I guess I never took music as something serious. If there is one other thing I’d change about my life (There are actually quite a few things I’d change). it would be learning the piano. I would have loved to have learned how to play the piano. This is kind of a recent thing or this has sparked up over some inspiration from a guy on YouTube called Kyle Landry. I love Queen and he plays Bohemian Rhapsody in this video:


If you also look at a couple of his other video, this guy is immense. I just wished you could download these types of skills in your head and you’d have the same knowledge and understanding of how to play the piano. Although that wouldn’t be creative, it would be a lot easier and cheaper than learning how to play it all from the basics.

I would love to learn. My mother does play the piano, but she probably won’t teach me and or take it seriously if I asked her to teach me. I don’t like her playing style anyway, but even so, even if she could teach me, I would eventually develop a style that I like.

Whatever the case, I wish I could play just like Kyle Landry. That guy is my inspiration. One day I will learn how to piano.

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