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Music of the week (My Top 5)

These videos are my top five for this week of music videos that I’ve come across on YouTube. I’m thinking of doing something like this on a weekly basis and creating a category in the random category section. (A subsection category) I think it might work out pretty well. So which one is your favourite. I personally liked the Americano one and thus why I listed it number one for my music of the week (MOTD) top five.

1. httpv://

I don’t understand whatever is being said, but the tune and beat is amazing! It just makes you want to bob your head up and down!

Bup’ bup’ Americano!

2. httpv://

They play this where I work and it is a nice tune from Iyaz!

3. httpv://

I like the meaning about this music, plus it isn’t bad music as well. It is a good beat and tune to hear if you are thinking about something.

4. httpv://

Like #3, it has a cool meaning behind it. It is good when music gets you thinking about meanings behind them. Just make the meaning up and see what you come up with. We all have varying opinions and the majority of them the same; come up with something different. 🙂

5. httpv://

Again I like the meaning behind this. What this means to me is that today, tomorrow or whenever can be the greatest day in your life if you have the right person in your life that specific day or night can be the greatest if you make it the greatest! (I am cheesy)

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