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Music v.2 favourites!

My second instalment of my favourite music of the week! All about the music I like. Which means I don’t care what you think about my tastes. [Just joking] But seriously I love the type of music I like so please don’t think any less of me, even if I do like Justin Beiber. (KIDDING!) Anyway’s here’s the music I picked as my favourites for this week:

1. httpv://

Just epic. The ginger is pretty hott too. 🙂 It is a little different too and sometimes listening to the same old stuff doesn’t cut it.

2. httpv://

I love this. Always sing this in my head as my voice is no good. 😮

3. httpv://

Catchy tune. 🙂

4. httpv://

Sad song. Type of song you want played at your funeral.

5. httpv://

I like Keane and some of his other songs however this is possibly my favourite of his. 🙂 It is also a good sing-a-long! 🙂

6. httpv://

Really catchy and probably song I’ll listen to over and over. 🙂

7. httpv://

Airplanes… great song. Very catchy and Hayley Williams is fit.

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