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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Music which relaxes me when angry

I often find that it is music which can cheer you up or just forget about everything that is going on. I guess gaming does this as well. I game quite a lot and gaming helps. It makes you forget, it makes you think about other things going on which really mean nothing in the world. But for those few hours, you feel different, you feel you aren’t in trouble anymore. There is no one on the planet but yourself that matters and you use that self-importance to help others which you’d like to do in real life. Anyone reading this probably won’t understand, but that’s fine, because I understand.

I loved this version of “I’m coming home”, but this was sung differently to what I’ve heard and is an nice acoustic piece. It kind of relates in someways to my situation. It doesn’t offer a solution out, but states that someone is coming home and it doesn’t really what happens, because that person is going to where he/she belongs. Maybe I need to have that feeling of being able to belong somewhere as opposed to having to stay somewhere just for the sake of things. I guess that is another thing I have learned and maybe I’ll feel like I belong one day and “Let the rain wash away all the pains of yesterday”.

“Instead of sitting around, looking down onto tomorrow…”

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