About the blog

So why on earth do I have a blog?

To be honest, I’ve always had a blog and I enjoy writing about the experiences I’ve had, it is also nice to just let out your thoughts and then come back to read them afterwards.

I also like taking pictures, although last year I broke my camera. It can still take pictures; however, I have to use the lens or the viewer, instead of the LCD, which kind of sucks! Generally I take pictures for recording memories and situations. Recently, I started a new website up where I place all my best photos and you can view the site here if you are are interested.

What is there to say about myself?

I’m a British Citizen/National/Subject while also being a Taiwanese National. (i.e. a dual national)

I learned a few programming and scripting languages, although would still consider myself as a novice. I share a great interest on the internet as with most people; however, I’m trying to build something up on the internet. Whether it be the current websites I’m running now or thinking of new ideas and acting upon them.