In turns out unpaid internships aren’t so bad

In turns out unpaid internships aren’t so bad

I’m glad, ecstatic, amazed, overjoyed and every other happy adjective you can think of. Today I was told that my internship was turning into a full-time job. I’m to start work as an employee on Monday (12th of August) and I’ll finally get paid for the work that I’ll be doing after suffering 6 weeks on no income and purely just burning through my savings.

What’s the job

I’ll be working in Central London of off Oxford Street for a division that does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for clients in the United Kingdom. I don’t have an assigned title yet, but I’ve kind of crowned myself as an SEO Specialist. I’ll be working on 50% technical SEO and 50% content marketing. Essentially I’ll be doing a mixture of both and I’m hoping to improve my technical knowledge of implementation and simply doing things correctly. The reason I’m doing this type of job is because when I was 16/17 I managed my own web hosting business and it taught me about digital and I naturally learned about SEO. In fact, this job is quite ideal and is the perfect job opportunity and I’m hoping to grow out and become a professional in this field as I’m already quite passionate about this type of work.

What did I do to stand out

This is a question that is quite specific to the job that you’re doing. The main things that I did to stand out was to ask as many questions as I possibly could come up with and to act upon those answers immediately. While I am reluctant to go into specifics of what I had done, I feel I can confidently say that I achieved quite a bit for the team. If you can achieve and become successful by going the extra mile and doing significant things then you’ll get noticed and you’ll possibly turn that unpaid internship into something. I think that getting noticed and doing work that looks credible is essential and being consistent in doing well is another eye opener.

Abolishing Unpaid Internships

I hear the argument for abolishing unpaid internships and I do partly agree with this. I however feel that this argument has been struck down by the very fact that I’ve managed to turn my internship into a job. Also, I don’t think internships are bad and people have a choice as to whether they’d want to do an internship. I mean, it’s not as if you’re being forced to do the work and it’s a way to learn and become part of an office experience and generally looks good on a blank CV. (My CV was not blank!) I also hear the argument that people are desperate and that employers are taking advantage of that fact; I’m afraid this is just the beginning of changing times and while I’m not a heartless bastard and I did indeed do an internship myself and as long as the business or company you’re interning with isn’t forcing you to do things you don’t want to do then I don’t see a problem. I’ve done a 6 week unpaid internship and I doubt the people arguing against internships have actually been interns before and if they have, I doubt they succeeded in getting job through their internship. (Otherwise they wouldn’t be complaining)

What does the future look like

The future looks quite bright. In fact, I’m looking to do a part-time course at Birkbeck University for Web Technologies. It’s a foundation degree that will help me excel and become more qualified in the field that I’m aiming for. They also have a campus in Stratford, although my new job is actually nearby to Birkbeck University’s main campus. I’m not yet sure if the course would be feasible for me as I’ll be working full-time and I have no idea if the part-time course could cater to my needs and if I could do the course around my job. However, if I can then great! I’ll definitely have to look into it and sign up for a course! Though I do have that feeling that I’ll be unable to do any external courses due to the nature of that job that I’ve entered.

I’m healthy, woo hoo!

I’m healthy, woo hoo!


Today, I went in for a blood test and examination (With the doc asking me questions etc) and he checked my blood cells (white / red) and he told me that my immune system looked pretty strong, saying that I had plenty of white blood cells and that I shouldn’t worried.

So why did I have this random health check.

A couple of months ago I became extremely aware of the amount of welts, rashes, and bumps that appeared on the entirety of my body; this would happen after I had exercised for a substantial amount of time or essentially when my body temperature heated up. I went to Taichung hospital, which is a local hospital to where I live and they gave me an injection and to my surprise the doctor said I had hepatitis. I was shocked and disturbed at this thought because I had no idea where it had come from.

So, the hospital took a blood sample and to my relief I did not have hepatitis, but some other disease called the EB virus or more colloquially known as the “kissing virus”. I’ll admit the previous months I had been with my girlfriend in South Korea and we kissed a lot. But, she reassured me that she did not have this virus. So, I was clueless. Anyways, the hospital gave me medicine to treat the symptoms and sent me on my way.

Today, I went to another hospital because I did not trust the original hospital I went to, and to be honest it looked run down and old. Plus, the fact they said that my mother had cancer kind of steered me away from them, when they later retracted that. As I said before, the doctor whose English was quite impressive told me that I was healthy. I was happy and he explained the blood results to me saying that if I had contracted a virus then my white blood cell counts would be low; however, this was obviously not the case and I am perfectly healthy, aside from a few dental issues that I’m having.

As for my dental issues, well, I have periodontal disease which is causing my gum to recede, or specifically around the area on one of my teeth where the gum has receded substantially. I will be having an operation to repair that and hopefully they’ll be able to give me a nice looking smile. At $10,000NT it’s a little costly, but totally worth it, as I don’t think I would be comfortable talking to others or laughing at others’ jokes with a massive looking tooth staring people down as I open my mouth. There is also a substantial gap as well, where the gum has receded. It looks horrible and I feel horrible with that, so for me, the $10,000NT is totally worth it. I just hope that the operation meets my expectations.

So, now that I’m totally disease free, aside from the periodontal problem, I feel a little happier than I did before.


Something I quickly put together in photoshop!

I just want to re-iterate that the above image is real (Well, the before image) and that is really how badly damaged my gum is. Then the after photo I simply clone stamped new gum tissue around and in between both teeth there, where the problem lies. Now, if the dentists here in Taiwan can fix it to the standard above, I’d be pretty damn happy with a result like the above. I just hope it’s possible as I’m losing any self-confidence I have with this gaping hole.



This post is sort of an update as to why I haven’t posted on this blog in quite a while. I haven’t exactly had anything entertaining going on in my life and in-fact my health has been the concerns that I’ve been having. I contracted a virus and I’m waiting for the effects of the virus to go away, however for now I’ll have to live with fatigue and boredom. I guess after coming back from Korea, I haven’t really recovered as it has made me more depressed about life, as I experienced something amazing and coming back to Taiwan, well, I just feel as bored as ever.

To pass the time I’ve been playing games such as PS2 (Planet Side 2) and that game has kept me pretty happy for a while, however PS2 has quickly become boring for me. While I should be studying, to which I haven’t, my Chinese has actually improved a little, even with minimal studying.

I guess I posted this as there are people going around saying that today is the end of the world. NASA has a quality article about this, and here is a small excerpt: (Link to the full article)

The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012 and linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012 — hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

Quite ludicrous, but there are nut jobs out there that firmly believe this, I don’t understand how they can continue spouting out crap when they are proven wrong, time and time again.

Anyways, whatever the case, the world is not ending.

Going back to my life, I have thought about my future and have decided that I’ll be going back to the UK to study. I’ve had enough of my life in Taiwan, especially so with my family here. They are a complete nightmare, and I just need some time where I can get away; so to speak.

That’s it for now, I guess.

Life being a little tough right now

Life being a little tough right now

Let’s just say that life is being a pain in the butt for me right now.

I have probably the most controversial decision that I have ever made in my life. Whatever decision I make now will have an impact on my life later on in the future.

I really want to obtain a degree in computer science or even at least to have some sort of degree. At this point, anything will do. – An English teaching degree would probably be ideal seeing as it’s likely the best job a foreigner could obtain in a foreign country. This is because my girlfriend is Korean and I’m thinking that perhaps one day I’ll be able to live in Korea with her and I could possibly teach English.

I haven’t even completed university and she has. Although she is 26, and I’m 20, I feel that perhaps we are destined that we will break apart as long distance relationships aren’t that easy. It’s worked up until this point. We’ve been together for over 10 months with 3 of those months actually together in Taiwan. The rest of those months, well, for the most part we have been talking over Skype and KaKaoTalk. We have had fights, wonderful talks and just a general feeling of not being alone. — Sort of, having someone to speak to and someone waiting for you. – That genuinely feels good.

The problem

My options

  • I could go back to London and complete a degree in something, preferably something to do with computers. – Although, if that isn’t possible or not worth the hassle, then I don’t mind doing other things. – Like a teaching degree. I like that feeling of being able to go to different countries to teach English and if I have a degree related in that field of study, then I have a higher chance of getting some sort of job in Asia, preferably Korea. That would take 4 years. I would spend 1 year taking a foundation degree course then spend the last 3 years doing the actual degree. By then… well, my girlfriend has already said that she wants to get married to someone by at least 30.
  • I have an obligatory military service tenure coming up next year in April. I have no choice but to do this military service. I do however have the option of deferring the draft, however I need to be a university student. That is my dilemma. The military service will be for a 1 year period. I’m thinking of getting this over and done with then after I can go back to England to apply for a degree or something. — I could also save up money from the military service ($6000NT per month/£120 per month/$200USD per month), then use that money for a ticket to the UK. Literally, the ticket would cost the same amount I could actually save, if I did one year of military service in Taiwan. It’s quite absurd.

Those are my two options.

At the moment, I’m leaning moreover to option 2. When I first heard when I had to do military service, my initial reaction was pretty much of option 1. Now I have realised the better option.

Just get my military training over and done with then I’m free to do what the fuck I want in Taiwan and I won’t have any travel restrictions to Taiwan. Unless, I intentionally want to be pulled into military training.

But first, before I do the military training, I want to go to Korea to see my girlfriend.  

Had an operation on my leg last week!

Had an operation on my leg last week!

As you can see from the x-ray image below, I had a small operation on my leg, and the operation occurred on the 23rd of May, on my right ankle.

The operation took place at Changhua Christian Hospital, the surgery was good and it wasn’t too expensive. However, it was just minor surgery; essentially they pulled out the titanium screw in my leg that I had in there for around 4 years after braking my ankle playing football.

They said that it might lessen the pain when I walk, but I got the idea they were just going on a hunch, or it was actually as if they were following procedure as the screw had to come out anyway. So, I’m not sure if I’m fully cured of anymore pain, but what I do know is that when I walk now I do get pains in my ankle, unsurprisingly it is due to the recent surgery which took place.  — I just hope there won’t be any more pain after my surgery wounds heal.

I hope I can run, swim, walk, and fly without any issues.

after operation x-ray

Checkup at the 803 hospital

Checkup at the 803 hospital

Today, I was busy and missed my Mandarin classes and instead went for a military checkup at a military hospital called “803 hospital” when translated into English from Mandarin.

It was kind of weird as I was the only westerner signing up for the required military service, although little did those around me know that I am in-fact Taiwanese.  I had a group of women soldiers who helped me and I think took a keen interest in me; let’s just say.

For example, I had this one women who was infatuated with talking to me in Mandarin. While others were talking behind my back saying things like “he is so cute” etc. It was a funny experience for sure. However they were very helpful and beautiful too! 😀 Plus, they taught me a few words which I would likely have never learned as I would have never asked anyone, however the words are, I think, very useful.

What did they check?

They checked my blood, teeth, brain, heart and just about everything; while asking me a few questions here and there.

Of course my Taiwanese friend lied to me when he said they would check my private area, which I believe for sure now he was trying to scare me. Although they may have changed procedures seeing as he was in the military 2 years ago. Perhaps they stopped checking peoples privates. Though it doesn’t really make sense to me as to why they would want to check that area in the first place. 😀 So I’ve concluded he was just having me on.

Quite an enjoyable day, although the long bus journeys all around Taichung were a little tiring. I should also receive my “National Health Insurance card” in 2 weeks time, considering I’ve been Taiwanese for over 4 months now; which is always nice to have.

I’m also going to include another story in this post, considering I think it is a little funny, plus I have a picture to go along with it.

Okay, so yesterday, I needed to get picture of myself for my National Health Insurance card, so I needed to find a place where I could get that done. My South Korean friend said he knew a place, against the advice of my own, where I kind of knew a place already or one of those automatic photograph booth’s which you do all by yourself. However instead, I took his advice, he said this other place was closer to where I lived, so I thought “Why not?”.

I got the pictures done, and the man said $293NT and I looked at Jun surprised as I only wanted to pay like $100NT  for a picture. However, apparently this guy Photoshop’s these pictures to make the face look much more soft. (Although I can do this myself) Anyways, I needed the pictures for the next day, however the man said that wasn’t possible, after I had paid him. I accepted this and didn’t complain. Then I went to the place that I knew from before and got my pictures done for $150NT. (Apparently they bumped the price up by $50NT) — On that night, I got my pictures done and I used the $150NT pictures for the next day as the more expensive pictures would have come too late.

However, now I have 12 of these small pictures, which I’m not able to use which all look like this:

Now, I just want to point out that this is definitely photoshopped. I’m certain as you can’t see any spots on my face and I have a few here and there; which he has conveniently removed. Haha.  I’ll go and say this: This is pretty epic and I pretty much smiled when the lady gave me these photo’s over the counter. LOL.