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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "


At the de-militarized zone (DMZ) with military police.

At the de-militarized zone (DMZ) with military police.

About me

About the blog

So why on earth do I have a blog?

To be honest, I’ve always had a blog and I enjoy writing about the experiences I’ve had, it is also nice to just let out your thoughts and then come back to read them afterwards.

I also like taking pictures, although last year I broke my camera. It can still take pictures; however, I have to use the lens or the viewer, instead of the LCD, which kind of sucks! Generally I take pictures for recording memories and situations. Recently, I started a new website up where I place all my best photos and you can view the site here if you are are interested.

What is there to say about myself?

I’m a British Citizen/National/Subject while also being a Taiwanese National. (i.e. a dual national)

I’m currently living in Taiwan and working as just an assistant engineer. I’m looking to get out of this job for a number of reasons and may return to the UK. Who knows?

[7/7/2013] – I’m now in the UK and I’m doing an internship for a month for a company that deals with online campaigns. They are quite big and I’m hoping to get valuable experience out of working there.

More about me… (my interests)

I learned a few programming and scripting languages, although would still consider myself as a novice. I share a great interest on the internet as with most people; however, I’m trying to build something up on the internet. Whether it be the current websites I’m running now or thinking of new ideas and acting upon them.

I have owned a few large websites in my time, or what I consider to be reasonably medium-size. My interest is developing websites on the internet and perhaps making something out of them and contributing to the World Wide Web itself. (Although there is no real contribution needed) I used to live in the United Kingdom; however not so long ago, I moved to Taiwan. I would consider myself more British than Taiwanese considering the latter came first. – Plus, the fact I’m not fluent in Mandarin leads me to believe I’m less Taiwanese. Although, of course while language doesn’t define a person’s nationality; well, hey, it does for me. 😛