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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

A Trip To SanYi, Miaoli (Taiwan)

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Blog, Travel

March 5th, 2012 – I went to a place in Taiwan called SanYi in Miaoli County. According to Wikipedia it’s a rural township located close to mountains. I went to SanYi to climb a beautiful mountain and destination. Along the way there were paddy fields and greenery everywhere. It’s really a site to see. Here are a few photographs that I took along the way with my now defunct camera: This is almost half way up the mountain. I love this photo. The reflection is perfect. Beginning. The two photos above are pictures of my doggy in Taiwan. She’s called Maoji and is a Maltese crossbreed. Isn’t she cute? 🙂 Spectacular view of Miaoli (Taiwan) I hope you enjoyed my images! 🙂 The trek up this mountain is well worth it. The view and scenery is just wonderful, and...

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New Smart Shoes for work

Posted by on Apr 27, 2014 in Blog, Life

I don’t seem to be a very good picker of decent shoes. Any of the shoes that I do buy break or start wearing down considerably within a month. And it’s not that I’m buying them cheap either. The last pair of shoes that I bought was on ASOS for £60. £60 for a pair of men’s smart shoes seems to be quite reasonable, no? The last pair before that cost me only £26.99 as there was a deal going on and it seemed like a bargain at the time. I think it might be due to the way I walk that these shoes are breaking. I walk in a very stern manner and I’m thinking that is what is making my shoes wear down so easily. It’s the fact that I almost glide when walking and think it’s quite...

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When’s the right time to find another job

Posted by on Apr 26, 2014 in Life, Opinion

How do you know when the time’s right to move on and find something that you really find challenging? A colleague of mine very recently was accepted for a job at Twitter. It kind of opens your eyes as to what is available out there when someone doing the same job as you is able to get a nice job like that somewhere. You kind of think, “if she can do that, then maybe it’s possible I can find something as prestigious as Twitter?” I mean at the moment I find my job challenging to a degree. I love my colleagues (who I consider friends) and life isn’t going too badly. The only bad thing that has happened is that it’s a little difficult finding somewhere in London that is affordable (and decent) and not too far of a journey from work. Aside...

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A visit to London’s Olympic Park in Stratford

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Blog, Featured, Travel

I recall seeing the Olympic stadium being built during early construction stages before leaving this country and I wanted to the see the games in person, but jetted off to the island of Taiwan where I then spent the next two years of my life studying and working. During this time, I missed the Olympics and didn’t really care for it too much, but it was quite a big deal in Taiwan, especially as there was that whole fiasco surrounding the sort of flags that were being displayed around London for the Taiwanese Olympic team (officially, the Chinese Taipei team). Now that I’m back in the UK, and specifically living in Stratford, I thought it would be quite the opportunity to visit the Olympic park, as it has only just been opened to the public. Here are a few pictures...

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Yes!! I can present!

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Blog

Public speaking has never been my strong suit, and it has always tormented me a little as I’ve always wanted to be good at it. A week ago my manager asked if I could present in front of 30 people that had recently joined the company and had gone on the graduate scheme. Essentially I was tasked along with two other lovely colleagues to create a presentation that would help those new to the business understand what search engine optimisation is all about and exactly what we do. Along with the two lovely aforementioned colleagues we created a beautiful presentation that talked all about search engine optimisation in a simplistic way that those we were speaking to could understand within the hour and a half that we had with them. It went well. At first I initiated it all...

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Took a day off work today

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Blog, Opinion

I’ve been infected somehow as I had to miss a day of work today. I’ve been a complete mess since Sunday. Friday evening was fine. Saturday… well, was also fine. Aside from the fact I fell down the stairs with a plate in my hand. I had to go out and buy a new plate. I’m not putting that down to old age, but the fact that my head was spinning from Friday evening where I had drunk too much. I still managed to go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday. But Sunday evening was just terrible. I couldn’t sleep, I was heating up, even though it wasn’t that hot, and I just didn’t feel right. I likely caught some germ/bug whilst at the gym. I bought myself a packet of Lockets, which helped me sneeze quite a bit,...

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Lauren Simmiss – An Inspiring Digital Marketer

Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in Life, SEO

At first I was going to take the piss out of my manager (now a director) about a post she wrote called “Jonathan Jones — An Inspiring New SEO Candidate“. But instead I would like to help her on her quest to have a picture of myself ranking top in Google images. Here’s the image that I mentioned of the handsome man (amazing hair as well) we are trying to rank for the term “Jonathan Jones” in Google images: The pic below is currently what the search engine results page looks like when you type in “Jonathan Jones”, with a Guardian journalist being at the top of the results. However, would it be possible to effectively rank and replace one of those images if I start posting that image everywhere imaginable (starting with this blog)? It’s a nice tiny...

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Lloyds Bank just closed my Cash ISA and took all the money

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Blog, Featured, Life

I’m a little shocked actually. I logged onto internet banking to find that my Cash ISA with Lloyds Bank had become as if it were non-existent. It simply wasn’t there. The £2k that I had in that account was also missing. You can imagine my surprise when I opened up internet banking to find £2k missing. To give some background to this: I recently opened up the Cash ISA as I’m becoming quite serious about saving money and managing my money accordingly. The closing of my Cash ISA has set me back a bit and has got me in panic mode. I still do want a Cash ISA and I’ll see if I can re-open the same Cash ISA that has now been closed. So, why did they close my Cash ISA? They will not tell me. All they’ve...

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What travelling into London was like today

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Featured, Life

The tube strike affected me dearly, and it will in the coming days as well. I’m actually dreading my journey back home – as I write this. It usually takes me half an hour to get into work from Stratford to Tottenham Court Road (Oxford Street), but today it took me two hours. I live near West Ham underground station, which was closed at 7:30 am when I arrived there. I was told that I could take the DLR to Stratford International station. I did so and had to walk a mile to Star Lane DLR station near Canning Town. When I arrived, the person on the tannoy had announced that they had reopened West Ham Underground station. Essentially I walked a mile to hear that where I had walked from had reopened. I felt like a real mug....

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Opened up a Cash ISA and Credit Card Account

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Life

Yep, it’s true. I’ve gone ahead and done it. I have opened myself to debt and a life of monetary despair. I’ll now be poor forever paying back whatever credit I’ve borrowed from the bank using my delicious credit card. On the other hand, I’ve also opened up a Cash ISA and have chucked half of my savings into it. There’s also a special feature on the Lloyds Bank internet banking website that allows you to rename your Cash ISA account. I’ve appropriately renamed it to: But ouch. A 0.75% gross interest rate — that’s pretty weak-sauce. I suppose it is 0.05% better than the 0.75% gross interest rate on my eSavings account, and plus you’re aren’t being charged tax on that interest. It works out in the end I suppose. However, if you compare the gross interest rate with...

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