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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Feeling not too bad now…

It was not so long ago, I suffered greatly when I started learning Mandarin (Chinese) and it caused me to lose interest. However for some reason today, I gained a lot of interest in the language and I was also thinking of learning other languages perhaps in the future. – Once I have grasped Mandarin to the extent which I believe is sufficient enough.

Right now, I don’t know why I feel bad.

It could be because I’m missing my girlfriend, I’m scared of my future or for any amount of other reasons.  I just have this bad feeling inside of me.

I’ll be eating with my friends tonight for dinner, so hopefully I’ll become more relaxed.

I just wish things could be more the way I wanted it in life and more in the direction I want to go. It just feels as if what I’m doing now is getting me nowhere. God damn emotions.

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