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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "


I don't know but I feel a little homesick. I had friends in the UK whereas here I hardly have any. Though I didn't have that many friends in the UK, I have almost none in this country which are around the same age as me. I think I need people my age to talk to. When I went out with my cousin who took me to a barbecue (He is around my age, a year younger) I talked to his friends and him, it felt like home. Once I get into University, I'm hoping I can make friends and go out a lot more with other people and generally socialize a lot more.


It kind of hit home as my friends who I used to work with posted on Facebook saying they missed me along with the rest of the guys. I miss them too. I miss their charm, the fun we had, their character and just the way things were. It was like working with brothers and sisters, we all got a long and sometimes there would be disagreements, but it would be sorted. We would support each other if anything went down and it was generally great talking to those people. I miss that. I don't have that here. I don't really talk much to my family. If my sister was here with me it probably would be different. Though I hardly talked to her when in the UK, though it would be different as she would only have me to talk to. But she would probably feel extremely homesick considering she has a lot more friends than me.


But whatever the case I miss my real friends back at home or my work friends. We had really good times and they were really good people too. I just wish I could have at least hugged them before I left. Anyway's time to move on in life and make new friends. 😮




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