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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Life being a little tough right now

Let’s just say that life is being a pain in the butt for me right now.

I have probably the most controversial decision that I have ever made in my life. Whatever decision I make now will have an impact on my life later on in the future.

I really want to obtain a degree in computer science or even at least to have some sort of degree. At this point, anything will do. – An English teaching degree would probably be ideal seeing as it’s likely the best job a foreigner could obtain in a foreign country. This is because my girlfriend is Korean and I’m thinking that perhaps one day I’ll be able to live in Korea with her and I could possibly teach English.

I haven’t even completed university and she has. Although she is 26, and I’m 20, I feel that perhaps we are destined that we will break apart as long distance relationships aren’t that easy. It’s worked up until this point. We’ve been together for over 10 months with 3 of those months actually together in Taiwan. The rest of those months, well, for the most part we have been talking over Skype and KaKaoTalk. We have had fights, wonderful talks and just a general feeling of not being alone. — Sort of, having someone to speak to and someone waiting for you. – That genuinely feels good.

The problem

My options

  • I could go back to London and complete a degree in something, preferably something to do with computers. – Although, if that isn’t possible or not worth the hassle, then I don’t mind doing other things. – Like a teaching degree. I like that feeling of being able to go to different countries to teach English and if I have a degree related in that field of study, then I have a higher chance of getting some sort of job in Asia, preferably Korea. That would take 4 years. I would spend 1 year taking a foundation degree course then spend the last 3 years doing the actual degree. By then… well, my girlfriend has already said that she wants to get married to someone by at least 30.
  • I have an obligatory military service tenure coming up next year in April. I have no choice but to do this military service. I do however have the option of deferring the draft, however I need to be a university student. That is my dilemma. The military service will be for a 1 year period. I’m thinking of getting this over and done with then after I can go back to England to apply for a degree or something. — I could also save up money from the military service ($6000NT per month/£120 per month/$200USD per month), then use that money for a ticket to the UK. Literally, the ticket would cost the same amount I could actually save, if I did one year of military service in Taiwan. It’s quite absurd.

Those are my two options.

At the moment, I’m leaning moreover to option 2. When I first heard when I had to do military service, my initial reaction was pretty much of option 1. Now I have realised the better option.

Just get my military training over and done with then I’m free to do what the fuck I want in Taiwan and I won’t have any travel restrictions to Taiwan. Unless, I intentionally want to be pulled into military training.

But first, before I do the military training, I want to go to Korea to see my girlfriend.  

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