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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

The interview, I may have a job

I made a post yesterday talking about how I didn’t get the interview that I suspected I would get. I just came back from a long, long road (Metaphorically) and it seemed that there were a few bumps and a few nervous tendencies but one thing that was apparent was the amount of doubt that I had about myself.


I feel this “interview” went okay. I don’t think it was a serious interview as it was done in front of the bosses wife who wants me to have a job at this place. If she doesn’t like the person who was interviewing me, then there could possibly be consequences for him. So I feel under different circumstances, I doubt I would have been able to attain a job at this place.


I tried hinting that I liked typing, so if they needed any manuals typed for their products or whatever I could do that. But the boss literally said “they will find something for you to do here”. So I really don’t have a clue what type of job this is. All I know is that the job title could be “assistant engineer”. I will admit that I did not come across as nervous. I felt I was quite confident. I may have not talked much, but I said things in a very “tidy” way. Or I said things in a smart manner if that makes sense.


The atmosphere looked great I guess at this office place. It was quite an office though. So this is some serious business, not just some small family business. But it looked good. The boss said the only problem was transportation to and from this office. He has never used a bus, since he is some rich guy who can afford a brand new Mercedez, but he was nice and said that someone would be able to take me home after work.


Hopefully this turns at good. But like most things in my life that usually is never the case.


I had a quite different day today, it was unusual for me. I took the bosses son out for just a kick-around of football (Or soccer) and that was quite good for me and my exercising regime. I also did around 1 hour and 30 minutes of constant rowing around this park. That was pretty decent exercise right there. I had fun with the son, I made sure he got wet along with myself when the water fountain erupted. You could tell he had fun which was good. But I’m not sure, if I don’t like this job, I won’t do it, simple as that. Hopefully the pay is decent. I think I would move closer to my University and perhaps buy a bike if at-all possible for me.


But I won’t be too hopeful about this job, if I am too optimistic and too pretentious about this job then it will suck when it turns out that it isn’t what I expected or feel like doing.


Hopefully this will be a new chapter in my life, who knows?


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