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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

What have I been up to this week?

To put it lightly, not very much.

As previously stated in another blog post, it was Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year as Taiwanese people would prefer you to say, so I stayed around my parents apartment for most of the time. We visited my cousins, uncles and other relatives on one occasion and celebrated Lunar New Year.

However, mostly in the week, my parents and I stayed at home– and I of course enjoyed my mothers great cooking; plus I didn’t really spend much. (So I saved a bit of money in that sense)

My relationship with my girlfriend is still strong, we speak to each other almost everyday for a few hours and that still doesn’t satisfy me. 😀 Not seeing her face, holding her hand and not being able to talk to her is very depressing. I guess she is the match that lights up my life. (That was probably the strangest analogy, I’ve come up with)

Today probably was the highlight of my day, considering I had pizza with my good friend “Jun”. My mothers friend gave me a sh*t load of pizza, chicken and potato. So I shared it with my friend considering the fact, I would not have been able to have eaten all of it.

Tomorrow, is the start of learning Mandarin, as I’ll have my speaking and listening class as well as my writing class as the holiday finishes up. I didn’t really study much, however I studied the grammar for the most part for the upcoming lesson and a few characters for the lesson thereafter.

Also another update, my sister is coming to Taiwan. I guess I was becoming a little bored of Taiwan as it was becoming very samey or without any variety. Just the same old, same old and not particularly doing anything different. – It gets boring after a while. Although with my sister coming, hopefully that changes for the better. I suggested to my father we take her to this place called Kenting, which I’ve wanted to go to on numerous occasions; however have never found the time. This means missing some Mandarin classes, which is fine, considering I haven’t seen my sister in over a year.

— Signing out and going to sleep!

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