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Computer update / GPU Upgrade (Graphics Card)

I recently purchased a HD R-6850 for my PC.

It is performing amazingly well for the games I play and I’m loving and enjoy it. – It is a major step up from my 9600GT. It is already overclocked by MSI and it comes with software by them which helps you further over clock it. I can play Project Reality (A BF2 Modification) pretty well on high settings and I can record on FRAPS decently, I just need the hard drive space to do this effectively.

I’ve also figured my over heating problem out. On start up, sometimes my computer would reach 100 degrees, but mostly 80 degrees and I couldn’t tell what the problem was. I was so sure I had placed enough thermal paste on the CPU and heat sink and it was all fit-in snugly, so I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Though it was because I had no put enough thermal paste on the CPU which was causing my CPU to over heat and especially in games; cause a lot of slow downs and freezes. (Or what I usually call “lag” though technically in-correct)

But yeah my CPU is running fine now at around 50 degrees overclocked to 3.0 Ghz from 2.5 Ghz. I could do with a better CPU, but for now I’m quite content with the CPU. But even at 50 degrees, I still thing that temperature is a little high, so perhaps I’ll buy a new CPU fan which has a faster RPM than my current CPU fan; which is lacking somewhat.

Everything is fine on the computer-side. Just need to get my life sorted.

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