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I break my headsets constantly

I haven’t posted an update in quite a while and that is because I’ve been quite busy. Anyway… headsets. I break them a lot. I seem to either destroy them internally making one side of my headset not work, in some cases both or even breaking the microphone which I use for Teamspeak, Skype and other various voice over IP (VOIP) programmes. I usually order headsets that are cheap from eBay as I’m too scared to order an expensive headset in case I break it. Though that might be my problem. For example the cheap headsets I’m buying break easily to tugging of wires and generally abuse because they are… cheap? 😮

Currently I’m using a £1 headset I bought in the local market near where I live and for greater comfort and beater noise enhancement I’ve adapted the the cheap headset to my more expensive (Cheap) headset and it works fine. But I’ve ordered another headset from eBay which comes with a blue-tooth like headset for computers, except it connects via wire and isn’t blue-tooth. (It just looks like those wireless blue-tooth headsets. Wish me luck with my future headsets. 😮

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