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Mouses make a lot of difference

I game quite a bit on my computer however only really play one game and that is Project Reality, I am an admin on a popular server, so I guess that kind of makes me qualified to post on getting a mouse which fits to your hand perfectly.

I’ve bought 4 PC mouses since I’ve been in Taiwan and I can tell you the best that I have bought have come from a company named iRocks. They make very good PC mouses. However my original iRocks mouse went wrong, I lost the black round things which attach to the four corners of the mouse, they just fell off and I couldn’t find them. So I had to buy a new mouse since I couldn’t find where to buy replacements for them. I originally had this mouse:


But as said previously the black things which attach to the four corners fell off (Not all of them, just one of them) which caused my mouse to spasm even when I didn’t touch or move it. – i.e. I could see my mouse moving even though I didn’t move it. I attached tape to that corner and tried some other stuff, but it still didn’t fix the problem. It was affecting my gameplay as I couldn’t aim accurately. I went back to the shop which sold me the mouse and went to see if they were selling the same model. They didn’t unfortunately. So I thought I’d try one of those “gaming” designed mouses and god was that not any better. DPI was too fast and I couldn’t change it to a suitable level. Here it is:

iGota M-561

So I went out again to buy a new mouse. This time I only looked for iRocks products since their products had been useful and the mouse was very comfortable for my hand. (I have big hands) I bought the iRocks IR-7810L and it is freaking awesome. I can now aim accurately and especially so in close quarters to which I have of course tested in-game. My previous mouse really made me bad in close quarters, added to the fact that my ping on US servers does not help (Over 200ms). Here it is:

iRocks IR-7810L

I would certainly recommend iRocks products to you if you ever needed a mouse. They are comfortable & extremely accurate when playing games. I would suggest not buying the iGota mouse unless you want to be shooting all over the place and have a weakened hand the same time as it is quite uncomfortable to play with. Though browsing the internet is fine with that mouse, it is just playing games where you are intensely using the mouse.

Whatever the case, I am happy I have found a decent mouse which didn’t cost me much.

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