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My game is broken

I usually play a game every night of this modification for the game Battlefield 2, however recently a new version of this modification came out (0.956 – Project Reality) and on this map called Burning Sands, I crashed and ever since this game has stopped working for me. I’ve done everything feasibly possible without installing Battlefield 2 to get this game working. I have un-installed and re-installed the modification as well to no avail as well as deleting the Battlefield 2 directory.

The problem

The splash screen comes up and that’s it but nothing happens beyond that, I believe the game itself freezes thus when I click on the splash screen, I then get a prompt telling me there is an error which has occurred with pr.exe.

The solution

The solution is work in progress at the moment and I’m still looking into solving this problem. Once I gather the know how and specifics into fixing this I’ll edit this article to include the solution. I’m hoping a re-install of the game itself will fix things and I’m also looking into reinstalling my video card just for extra precautions as that may have come corrupted. Whatever the case, I am annoyed so hopefully I can fix this so I can play this game after work. 🙂 And yes, I am a games addict.

I fixed this. I installed the steam version of Battlefield 2, as I couldn’t find my original BF2 disk and things are good now. You have to disable steam overlay to get around punkbuster… and everything works good now. No problems. 🙂

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