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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Project Reality

Project Reality is a game I have been playing for quite bit and quite a lot lately. It is what I’d consider my main game and I have a small IHS (In House Squad) club that I’m part of where we regularly get together to play the game how it is meant to be played. (Most of the time) What I enjoy about the game is that is the teamwork that sometimes takes place on teams however usually this only occurs in individual squads. (Having medics revive you when you go down and having that SAW keeping up machine gun fire to either suppress or kill the enemy. In this modification you can play as different factions depending on what team you are on. The factions or armies consist of Militia, Taliban, Insurgent, US Army, US Marine corps, British Army, Russian Army and the PLA. (Chinese Army) Only very recently was the Russian and US Army included in the game. However this game has leaped boundary upon boundary to get to the stage to where it is at. There are very unique functions in this game. One I want to talk about is the civilian class. The civilian class is basically a class which cannot be shot at by BLUFOR forces in a Britsh/US vs Insurgent scenario. However they can be fired upon or they should only be fired upon if they are to be aiding fellow insurgents on their team. These “civies” get rocks which they can throw at opposing forces however they can also be arrested with zipties; which means they can’t simply roam around freely without any consequences and subsequently if they are arrested they give intel points for weapons caches to the forces attacking the insurgents. They can also be arrested with a shot gun type weapon which I assume which is trying to represent a rubber bullet munition. However this is to prevent civilians screwing around with BLUFOR forces without consequence. Though it is sometimes annoying playing this class but if you use this class correctly it can be a lot of fun! The end.  History of myself playing the game… I’ve been playing since 0.5 (version number) when I first discovered the game when the modification was classed or named by the Project Reality team as a mini-mod. I used to play on the Devfile server a whole lot of the time when they were running a 24/7 Basrah server where Basrah had 2 A-10’s flying 2 Cobra’s and a series of M1A2 /LAV’s running around. < This mostly covers the people who were around playing 0.5, as others will likely not get this part of the article >

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