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Hard Drive failure and what to do.

Recently, my 500GB hard drive failed on me and I looked on the internet for anything that could recover my files from the hard drive, which admittedly, I should have backed-up.

Hard drive failure

F:\ is not accessible. Data error (cyclic redundancy check).








Cyclic Redundancy Check Error & what I did.  

I searched on the internet for a solution and found out what the error message means. CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), I looked at a few solutions however none of them worked for me. So, I thought instead of trying to get my hard drive accessible again, I thought I’d just get the data off first that I needed. (The data I should have  backed up)

Recovering files on a failed hard drive

Recovering files on a failed hard drive


So, I found this as a solution. I’ve managed to already get access to around 1,000+ files (Though they aren’t the files I need, so I’m continuing the scan), however there is a data-limit on the program, since I’m using the trial version. (The program, bought, costs around $59.) The paid version allows you to download as much information from the defective hard drive, while the trial allows you to only take off around 1GB of data.

That’s all I need as I’m purely trying to recover a web design which I originally bought and I want to place it for free on my website over at It’s only a small file.

How long?

However, according to the program to scan the entirety of the 500GB hard drive, I need to wait 255 hours, which is around 2 weeks of concurrent scanning. I can do this, but eventually or before all that, it will find this web design, so I no longer need to continue any more scans.

So, what program are you using to do this?

The program I’m using was created by Power Data Recovery. (Google search; not direct link to their site) – They make other premium programs for hard drive failures which includes automatic back-ups and the like.

Also for future reference, I have also done some research into other programs that have been recommended in the blogosphere:

  • PC Inspector File Recovery
  • NTFS Reader
  • Restoration
  • Undelete Now!

Hopefully, someone will have found this useful. Hardware failures, especially hard drive failures are not fun at-all.

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