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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Believing in god…

If God were suddenly condemned to live the life which He has inflicted upon men, He would kill Himself.


I don’t know why I liked this, but I guess this is how I feel with religion. While supposedly there is a god out there, which I can’t seem to fathom, which god am I supposedly supposed to go after?


There are many religions out there and according to those many religions or Christianity which I know for sure, if you don’t believe in that specific god, then apparently god will not forgive your sins and you will in hell for eternity. So does this mean the majority of the population on Earth will go to hell? Does this mean all those who believe in other religions, those who do not or those who don’t know will burn in hell?


I came very sceptical when this sort of answer is presented when apparently you are supposed to believe god is benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient. Yet if that is true he must have known mankind was going to sin, make up different religions to detract from “his” religion or as Christians like to say their “faith”. When it comes down to it, how can one remove themselves from a religion that they were brought up in it? I was brought up in a Christian family and a private Christian school, yet I became a non-believer because in the end I didn’t believe in it after breaking my leg and having time to detract from the constant bombardment of religion.


However because I was brought up in that setting, I nearly did believe if that makes any sense. At one point I knew nothing else in my life, imagine being brought up in that type of environment and not knowing anything else? Surely you are going to believe in anything, if you are brought up that way and you know nothing else. Religion for me is brainwashing in the circumstances that a person is brought up and is bombarded with religion. If you constantly bombard someone, especially from the young age with an ideology or religious text-book, in the end they will believe it. That is brainwashing.


I guess this is why in the United Kingdom every public school has to teach more than one religion; otherwise you are plainly brainwashing someone from a young age to believe one argument / ideology. 


How about people who convert from one religion to another?


I can’t speak for others however I can understand the need for human beings to believe that there needs to be something more than just life on Earth; especially after death. It has been for thousands of years even throughout the Ancient-Egyptians time that there has to be an after life. It is nothing new at least. However people convert from being Muslim to Christianity and vice versa, so who is to say whether one religion is right or not. Or from an outsiders perspective such as mine, how do I pick which is the right one? What if I pick the wrong religion? That means eternity in hell. I would love to believe in an after life and perhaps even a god, I would ask many questions. However if that deity or higher power doesn’t present itself, then how am I to know? 
He had the opportunity to present himself when I was studying in a Christian school. In fact when I was very young, I did believe in god… or at least I thought I did. I thought it was silly not to believe in god. But then I learned of others views, I looked at why atheists exist, why agnostic people exist and the existence of the money thousands of religions, faiths which still exist or existed in the past. I changed my views on life from that point on because I learned why these different thoughts existed. To me the most logical is being agnostic or as I like to purely call it “non-believer”. Agonistic people are not really a group like religion, agnostic people do not meet up every Sunday. Agnosticism is purely not believing in god nor disputing whether he exists or not. Some may think I am achiest with the views I’ve posted however I never discount the idea of a higher entity existing. I just feel that religion is just a text book made by man throughout the many hundreds and even thousands of years. 


Essentially with Christianity, you either believe or you go to hell. Although there are alternate views on this from when I went to a Christian school, I raised many questions including the main question that I have posed in this article. So which view is the correct one? You see, this is how religion and faith may have been distorted over the years. Who is to say that what is actually in the bible is correct, when you can have so many different views which interdict those other views which are more mainstream? – Especially considering these religious text books are very old, but who created them? People did, man did… and whatever you say, god never created the bible. Who is to say that what people in the bible is even correct, or isn’t something bullcrap some mindless insane nut job decided to write?


That is my issue with religion/faiths. – With this is mind, how can anyone believe any religious text book? As that is the foundation of belief and faith? I mean I agree with the 10 commandments, I agree with morality and I agree there is good stuff in the bible.  However just because the bible contains good stuff, doesn’t make the rest of it anymore correct or accurate.


This is my belief. If god is all knowing… then he’ll be able to tell whether a person has good intentions or not. I don’t believe in the bible for it was written by man. Anyone can interpret what has been written by man in countless ways. Even the people who wrote the bible, could have misinterpreted god if he surely gave mankind free-will. Who the fuck is to say they even got a message from god? God damnit! The only time I’ll believe in god or a higher power is when I see him/her/it, then I’ll know for sure and repent my sins if he/she/it wants me to. :S

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