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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Flight out in 2 days

It is two more days until I finally get on the flight to Taiwan.

It will be an interesting experience going to country where they speak a totally different language, which I’ll have to learn and pick up as I live there.

I’ve renewed my web hosting for 2 months, so my sites will still be active, if I somehow manage to not find an internet connection there. (Which is ludicrous if I don’t or am unable to) I’ve also renewed my domain names for another year. Except for one problem, with this domain (… I hadn’t realised that it needed renewing and already transferred it to from GoDaddy as I really dislike GoDaddy’s user interface. Whatever the case, this site might be down for a week or so with a domain parking page on it. I’ll have 30 days to renew it from its expiry date, so it isn’t as if I’ll be losing this aged domain name.

I’m taking my camera with me, so I’ll be sure to upload pictures. I own a FZ-28 Panasonic (12 megapixal camera), the pictures from it are of high quality. Hopefully this will be a fun adventure for me. I’m leaving a lot of people I love and care about in the UK however I think it is for the best. I’ll find something new, fun and find a better life over there for myself.  I’ll still be blogging it up eventually and have also thought of starting up a daily vlog on YouTube. Whatever the case, blogging is where it is at, I personally like typed content as well as video, perhaps I can mix to the two?

Next time I post on here, I’m likely to be in Taiwan. 🙂

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