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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Flying out to Hong Kong

I’m going on a trip to Hong Kong this Wednesday (09/02/2011) from Taiwan to Hong Kong Intl. Airport.

I’m hoping to see an old friend who I went to school with in London but who flew back to her home country in Hong Kong after she finished her secondary school education. (Asian families who are rich or moderately rich will send their children to other countries to learn western culture and of course the language; English)

I’m quite pumped for this trip. Though it isn’t the actual reason I’m going to Hong Kong primarily. I’m doing this so I don’t overstay my stay in Taiwan of 90 days to which the UK and Taiwan representatives have agreed for a visa exempt visiting stay. I screwed up by not renewing this visitor stay by a further 90 days as you can only do that 30 days (As I found out) before you are required to leave at the start of the date you arrived in Taiwan. (If that makes any sense)

So I’m paying for that now and when I return I’ll apply for my dual nationality so I don’t have to keep doing this. But the requirement would then be myself joining the army for a year. – Which I don’t mind doing, though I’d rather not, but I will do it, if I really have to only.

It should be a good trip though. I’m a little nervous going by myself since I don’t speak Chinese well. However my mother has friends in Hong Kong who are going to take care of me. 🙂 It will be good seeing my friend again as I haven’t actually seen her for around 2 years now and she actually cried to me when she found out her family wanted her back in Hong Kong.

I find it especially funny since my sister was always talking to her saying that they’d go and see her, and they are much closer friends; yet I am the one seeing her first. :p

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