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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

French/Swedish peeps

I recently made friends with a few French and Swedish people! – They happen to be really nice people! What happened was that I had arrangements with my friends to eat lunch at 7 pm. However I bumped into a friend called Amie Liao (She is called "crazy girl" usually πŸ˜› – She is very friendly and funny) and she had arrangements with her class mates who were mostly from France, a guy from Spain and 3 from Sweden.

We just happened to have nearly the same arrangements, but just with different friends. So we combined everyone together and we had around 13 people to go to lunch with haha! Originally I was only going to have lunch with 5 other people, but with Amie's friends it was a combined total of 13 or so people. – I am really glad I have met these French, Spanish, Japanese, Taiwanese and Swedish people. They were fun to be with and plus I like the French language! (I wish I studied French harder in school) πŸ™‚

Left to right: French, French, Taiwanese, French (a French French Taiwanese French Sandwich!)
Left to right: Taiwanese, French, South Korean
Left to right: Taiwanese, French & South Korean
Left to right: British-Taiwanese, French








Although the food wasn't great, the company was awesome! Turns out these French people are very humble and very nice people! There will be more to follow on these people!!

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