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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

I was pretty happy today

I went into class thinking I would be in a pissed off mood or not pissed of but a sad and gloomy mood. (Depression would describe it well I guess) However that wasn't the case, I guess the fact that I didn't get my test results today was the reason I was happy. Plus I did not study on Saturday and Sunday; while still doing fine in class. 


I'm off my Ritalin at the moment, as I need to go buy more, which is the reason why I've not been so dedicated to studying anymore. Although the bad thing with this is that I am now eating in Burger King to please myself and make myself indulge in what I think I need to eat just to keep me happy. Where with the Ritalin before I didn't even feel the need to eat. 


However I am still losing weight no matter what I eat. I am doing weights in my cousins apartment now though, so that should help me keep in shape. 


I guess tomorrow might not be so good, I guess I'll find out! I'm trying to get the attitude of 'so what if I fail'… I tried my hardest. If that ain't good enough, I can try again with the knowledge I gained from failing. So it isn't the end of the world as my mind is trying to tell me. 


Now to listen to something that will cheer me up… 



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