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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

…”Life stinks”

I remember seeing one of the best films I had ever watched. The film was made when I was born however it is still good today. The film is called “Life Stinks“. The movie is about how a millionaire bets to his business rival how he can live on the streets without any money or housing. Essentially he goes from being a really rich guy to just suddenly living in the streets with nothing but his clothes. The guy somehow gets tricked and the rival he placed the bet against him doubles back on him, colluding with the rich guys lawyer and managing to get a court order suggesting the guy is insane. Thus loses control of his company and eventually loses everything. – (Without his knowledge) 




Wouldn’t it be awesome be rich? Buy anything you want? Instead we live like homeless people, however a few classes up, but we are just nobodies in this world. We live for others to become rich really. While we stay down below, not moving and just standing still it feels like. I am happy with a nice simple life, although being a rich bazzionlaire is something I wouldn’t turn down. I could practically do what I want, be what I want and not care one bit about what others think. Essentially people feel as if they haven’t “made it” yet or are never going to make it through life ‘satisfied’. I feel like this right now, I feel I won’t ever be satisfied because I always selfishly expect more. 

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