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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Life — Which direction?

Life is literally confusing for me right now, as I thought I’d be going to do military service this month, in fact, I thought I’d be going tomorrow.

It seems that the Taiwanese government aren’t interested in actually drafting any more people into the military. My mother has told me that the Taiwanese military have drafted too many people into the military and aren’t drafting anymore people.

So, that kind of ruined my plans, as I could have continued studying Mandarin at Feng-Chia, however as I have missed the semester I can’t sign up for another and need to wait for this current semester to end. Otherwise, I’ll be behind if I sign up now as I haven’t really studied to be honest. Although, I will say that my  speaking has somewhat improved, however my writing has deteriorated somewhat as I haven’t been practicing.

My new workplace Seeing as I’m not studying, what am I doing?

I now I have a job. Or, not at the moment! But will soon!

Job title: Assistant Engineer

It is funny, as I don’t know jack about engineering. However I’m looking at this job moreover like an internship; except I’m getting paid. It is for a company which manufactures diagnostic tools for vehicles.

My mum knows the actual person’s wife, whose husband owns the company. So that is how I have sneaked into this job without actually having the qualifications for it. I’m hoping that they can actually find me a job that I can do and that I’ll enjoy.

One issue is the working time, apparently it is from Mon-Fri from 9 am – 6 pm. Those are some long hours and I just hope I’m actually doing something useful for this company, as opposed to doing nothing. – That would be totally unfair on the favor they’ve given me to actually have the job in the first place.

I just hope for the hours that I’ll be doing, the pay will be somewhat decent, especially under the job title of “Assistant Engineer”, which to me sounds like an impressive title. Combined with the long hours and the fact I’ll be working every weekday, I’ll probably raking in a bit of money. First thing I’ll do is save the money. I want to go to Korea to see my girlfriend and just to have a nice time there and perhaps buy her a ticket to come to Taiwan and whatnot. 🙂

Whatever the case, I hope this job turns out good for me!

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