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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Might be in the Taiwanese military this year…

Scratch what I said in this post I actually might be in the Taiwanese military this year.


In that post I mentioned (link) above, my mother wrote a letter to the Mayor of Taichung. She told me that I wouldn't have to join by October of… NEXT YEAR; in accordance to her letter she sent to the mayor. Well apparently that isn't the case or more or so, my mother isn't sure about that anymore. I'm going to be going tomorrow to the register office (I have my Taiwanese ID now, so I am now officially Taiwanese) to obtain my National Health Insurance (NHI) card and my Taiwanese passport.


I guess I will find out tomorrow, when I'll have to actually join. It comes as a surprise really, as I kind of thought and wished I could have enough time to learn Chinese without any worries of any draft requirement coming in anytime soon. It just doesn't look to be the case anymore.


I talked to my dad and I simply said to him: "Whatever happens… happens."


There is nothing I can do to change anything which involves this, other than the excuse of my ADD issue, but I actually do want to join the Taiwanese military purely for the experience and considering I blog about the military on my other website.

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