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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

So the test…

I had the long awaited test today and I hope I have at least got a pass grade. AT LEAST.


I felt during the test I did OK. Not as good as I should be considering I just spent the past 2 days learning Chinese and I was focused.


The first part of the test was answering a question which the teacher would say. I found this extremely difficult, BUT the teacher came around and said I answered the question correctly. Whether I got the rest of the questions which ensued, correctly, I don't know. Another part of the test entailed making up sentences with a verb given. We just had to make a sentence with those verbs. – I guess this was my favourite part of the test, since I think I did that well. The middle part of the test was simply adding the correct verbs to the questions. (A fill-in the blanks type test)


All in all the test went OK. But I thought that last time and that really hurt me when I got a really low grade. I guess it pushed my motivation for Chinese right out the window. (As I thought I had done well in a previous test)


So this time I am not going to second guess. Whatever mark I get, I get. If I do badly, I will cry to myself while reading my Chinese book. I'll push through. I guess learning Chinese for me has proven that dedication is required in order to learn this language. (Just for me) – Since many of my other friends don't have to be so dedicated to get high marks in tests etc. Yet they do so well.


OK. It is time to study now. I have to practise these two dialogues, one isn't that long, but the other is quite extensive. 🙁 The smaller one I'm not worried about, but the bigger one, I'll find hard to remember. I'll just have to keep repeating it until it is finally in my head!!!

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