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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

The one thing I hate the most about moving to Taiwan

Since moving to Taiwan, the one thing I have nearly killed over is those irritating mosquitoes who bite you and you don’t even know it! Then you find out you have several itchy lumps on your arms, face, legs and wherever your freaking skin is visible. It is literally getting to the stage where I am getting bit every single day. I’ve tried sprays, a fly zapper in my room when I sleep and I’ve even killed some mosquitoes with my bear freaking hands. Yeah, I’ve caught quite a few actually; though I’m no expert in the art killing these bugs. But they still keep coming and the next day I find that I have some lumps still even though I take measures to stop those little bastards.

On top of my bad mood with these mosquitoes, I had one of my teeth pulled out as there were 2 roots to one tooth or apparently one trying to grow beneath my other tooth which subsequently was painstakingly pulled out. Or should I say, cut in half then pulled out. I mean boy oh boy, it was painful, they cut my tooth in half, then used what looked like screw driver for teeth, to use this tool for leverage to break my tooth’s root out. I mean they gave me like 10 injections (Local anesthetic) but it still hurt like a bitch. – I originally had a pretty cute women from Canada (Who is Asian — oh do I love Asians with Canadian accents, especially if they are hot) but she wasn’t strong enough to pull my tooth out, so they called in this old bloke who pulled the tooth out even though he saw I was in extreme pain. At least with the girl she was gentle and was slowly taking out my teeth by cutting it into different sections. 😀 Oh and she had her hand on my face … or was that her hand holding my mouth open? I don’t care, she was hot, cute smile too. I think she kind of enjoyed that I was in pain… as I guess I put some funny faces out there when trying to be brave in front of her lol!

Hopefully those mosquitoes will go away once I find where the hell they are coming from!

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