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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Touch down

I’ve made it to Taiwan, half alive. We stopped of at Bangkok international airport and from there we made our way to Taipei. I flew with Eva Air, the major Taiwanese airliner in Taiwan. The food on the plane was nice and decent and the free drinks were great.

Taiwan from what I have seen is an interesting country. In some way’s it is good and in a lot of ways it is quite bad, especially if you want to settle and live on a small budget here. The goods from a £ to NT$ perspective is very good, what I’m trying to say is that the goods are really cheap. I managed to get a computer case with a large fan inside it for £10, then I got a 400 volt power supply unit for £20. In the UK I would have had to pay much more. As for the internet, alright, I’m paying around £7 for 512kb upload and 512kb download, the man was pressuring me to go for the 512kb package even though I hugely expressed interest in the 8 MB package. I’m thinking of upgrading since the page loading speed is dismal in comparison to my UK internet.

You are probably asking what is so bad about Taiwan?

Taiwan itself is a country which relies on foreign trade which is what it’s economy thrives on and is what its people survive on. However it isn’t this which bothers me. It is the conditions in which some people can live that bothers me. I looked at some areas and places where people I saw lived and I was shocked. What we can consider as “flats” in the UK they consider 2 rooms, at least with flats in the UK you have more than 3 rooms at least of  nice size. However here in Taiwan, you only have rooms the width of an alley way. Put it simply, the places people live are tiny. They are liveable however the word “cosy” doesn’t come to mind for me.

If you have a decent amount money or a decent job, then I think Taiwan would be a nice place to live. Though then again that does fall under a category where most countries are that way. However  doing a comparison of Taiwan and the UK, I’d rather live in the UK in terms of housing, however I would also rather live in Taiwan because it is refreshing to see a country like this. Whatever the case  I am here now and tired of blogging. I’m going to get some shut eye and then look around and I’ll be sure to get some pictures up later on, if I can be bothered. 🙂

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