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Typhoon warning in Taichung

Taichung City Government has issued a typhoon warning, and they have said the following:

“It is hereby announced that offices and classes are closed on June 20, 2012 due to the latest tropical storm.”

Essentially, this means that I have no work today as my office is closed.

I’m not complaining, but I’ve been outside and there doesn’t appear to be a typhoon of any kind. Last night however there was a typhoon, as it was raining quite heavily, though I’m no typhoon or weather expert, so perhaps there will be typhoon later in the day that I am supposed to avoid.

Good news, after yesterday.


Around 4 hours ago it started raining quite heavily, and it is still raining right now. When I mean heavy rain, I mean the heaviest rain I have seen so far in Taiwan.


  1. Shame this didn’t last longer! 😀

  2. It seems the link is dead. I think they must delete their posts on their website after the Typhoon warning is no longer in-effect.

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