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Web hosting incident continued

I've switched hosts after a serious hacking problem has affected my website(s) on my old hosts server.


I had no prior problems or any major problems with my old host, but the fact that cPanel would load really slow and my wordpress sites would load a little slow. After the move, things have improved, including loading times. The problem now is getting back into the Google Search results as my sites were penalised because of the incident in my last post. Most of my traffic or a good majority of my traffic came from Google and now this has severely affected my online websites traffic. I looked at my keyword tracker tool and I weep when I see that all my keywords have been delisted from Google.


I guess this is why I left my old host in frustration. I built this website up for around 2 years (Another website) and one problem arises and compromises my entire operation. – Because my host didn't secure their rules which made someone else's website a directory on my domain name. It must have also affected other customers too since I had to report this problem for other customers who might have not been aware.


Whatever the case, I'm happy I moved. I feel that I've moved from a budget web host to a semi-decent host. Though the support with my new host is a little slow. But I don't need much support, as long as they don't screw things up on server-side issues.

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